Surface finishes

At OTK Stainless Steel coils, sheets and plates are available in surface finishes:

No.1, 1D, 2D, 2B, grinded K40 - K600, brushed and BA (mirror). If necessary, stainless steel coils are delivered with a protective film to protect the metal surfaces from unwanted damage. Coils and sheets are standart paper interlieved.

1D - No. 1Ila1D

Hot rolled, metallic pure, annealed, pickled and heat treated. The most common hot rolled finish. A non reflective, rough surface. Not normally used for decorative applications

2Dlllb2DMatt, cold rolled, annealed, pickled. This material is cold rolled followed by softening and de-scaling. The effect of cold rolling the material is to produce a smoother, less pitted surface. The surface is not only smooth but of matt grain appearance. Used where a better surface is required or subsequent processing/ finishing is necessary.
2Blllc2BMatt glossy, cold rolled, annealed, pickled, skinpassed. The material is cold rolled, softened and de-scaled as in the case of the 2D finish and then receives a final light pass on polished rolls called a ‘skin pass’ or ‘pinch pass’. The material remains grey in appearance but the effect of this final pass on polished rolls is to produce a smoother, brighter surface than the 2D finish. This is the general purpose, cold rolled finish and it is suitable for a wide range of applications where stainless steel is specified. It is also suitable for a wide range of subsequent polishing processes such as satin finishing and grinding..
2R - BAllldBAMirror glossy, bright annealed. This finish is also produced by cold rolling and de-scaling but in this case the final annealing is done in a controlled atmosphere furnace. The effect of annealing without the presence of oxygen is to produce a reflective surface on the stainless steel and it is often used in preference to a 2B finish where reflectivity is important, such as catering equipment. The very smooth surface also makes this surface highly suitable for further finishing processes such as mirror polishing and chrome plating.
2G- 4NIV4NGrindedNo. 4 Finish is characterized by short, parallel polishing lines, which extend uniformly along the length of the coil. A 'No 4' surface is produced by cutting the surface with abrasive belts to remove a very small amount of metal without affecting its thickness. No 4 finish gives low gloss and best apparent flatness of panels. For fabricators, the No 4 finish is directional, allowing easy matching of surfaces and refinishing of welds. For end users, the surface can be repaired to remove any service damage. No 4 finish is duller than the other common finishes, 2B and BA and is generally used where lower reflectivity or gloss is required and where welds and other fabrication marks are to be refinished to match the original surface. This is not possible with 2B and difficult with BA.
SBVSB2JScotch-brite is a brushing process that makes the stainless steel surface perfectly uniform and practically without any traces, through the use of materials in non-woven synthetic fibers (nylon) impregnated with abrasive grains of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.

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